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Standing desk is amazing

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standing desk is a general term that includes any type of desk that you can stand at while working. It could be a simple fixed height desk designed for standing, an adjustable height desk with basic features or smart standing desks with advanced features. The type of desk that is right for you depends on your individual needs and preferences.

It is important to understand that not all white standing desk is worth it. Therefore, there is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the ideal standing desk. Here are the main specification differentiators between different standing desks that can help you choose the one that meets your needs.

Safety Features - Determines the safety level of the standing desk.
Leg Sections - Determines height adjustment capability.
Columns - Determines stability during the lifting process.
Tabletop Options -  Determines the aesthetic appeal of your standing desk read on to learn more about these determining factors that play an important role in the buying process.

adjustable desk


Security Feature

Make your home and office a safer place with a desk that has superior safety features. Here are some of the essential safety features to consider when buying a bamboo standing desk.

1. Anti-collision function

Smart enough to know when there's trouble: our sit-stand desk has a revolutionary collision-free feature you'll love. It was designed to detect and prevent collisions before they happen. That is, when the desk's sensors come within an inch of the obstruction, the desk automatically stops in mid-motion, preventing any contact from occurring.

2. Child Lock

Do you have children or pets at home or in the workplace? Consider glass standing desk with child lock features to create a safe and friendly environment for everyone. These desks further ensure safety by locking the desk in position until an adult disables the child lock.

Leg sections

We produce powerful desks with sturdy legs that are stable and quick to move. They won't bend and won't let you down. The number of sections usually affects the maximum height of the desk top. You can choose between the following two options depending on the maximum wooden standing desk height you need.

1. Two-Section Legs

A desk with two-section legs as a base may be lightweight, but it can still lift a significant amount of weight at an impressive lifting speed. The only drawback is that it has a limited height range of only 1190 mm.

2. Three-Section Legs

With a three-section leg support system, you can expect more in terms of power and speed. It is the ideal choice for users who use heavy devices as well as those who are taller than the average height, as it can be adjusted up to 1280 mm. These desks are also ideal for making L-shaped desks, which are perfect for those with compact home office spaces.

These are suggestions from professional view. Hope they can help you choose a perfect standing desk for you. You can also check the priority based on your ideas. We recommend FEZiBO wensite for your buying choices.

3. Columns

The lifting column plays a crucial role as a power source in the process of lifting the adjustable desk. The right choice of column generally depends on how much weight you intend to place on your standing desk. There are two types of columns you should be aware of to make the right purchasing decision.

1. Inverted Columns

The first is the inverted column support. The columns of this unit become thinner as it rises. Desks with this type of design are perfect if you are looking for a standing desk that is fast and light.

2. Enhanced Columns

Meanwhile, a desk with enhanced columns can support more weight, but tends to be slower moving. These desks are ideal if you have an extensive equipment configuration.

Desk Options

While a standing desk is highly functional and offers numerous health benefits, it can also increase the aesthetic appeal of your space. To make sure you find the perfect standing desk that perfectly suits your home or office decor, FEZiBO offers you a wide range of table options to choose from.

1. Bamboo Desk

Manual desks do not use a motor to raise the desk. They rely on a crank or handle to raise and lower the desk. While it requires a little more effort, it is more affordable than their motorized counterparts.

2. Laminate Desktop

Laminate desks are all about style and versatility. They are available in up to 10 different color options, including black, white, maple, mahogany, custom graphite, marble gray, specialty walnut, ebony, oak and brown wood grain, making it easy to find the right fit for your space!

3. Solid Wood Desk

Free of harmful chemicals and harder than wood, this solid surface desk is built to last. Designed for maximum durability, the eco-friendly desk will last for years and help you adopt a greener mindset. It's also one of the most affordable options for solid wood!


We’ve known about the positive impacts movement can have on our work, from improving our health and relieving pain, to providing the energy we need to find our most productive work flow. Standing desks are the foundation of a healthy workspace, allowing you to move and change positions easily. That’s why we’ve created this guide of the best standing desks available to help you choose the one that will fit your workspace, complement your style, and work within your budget.

From the corner of your studio apartment, to the edge of your dining table, or the open floor plan of your new office; we’ve designed a stand up desk that will turn any space you have to work into an active office. From our compact desktop converters to our large L-shaped corner desks, you can build a custom workstation that fits your space perfectly.

And if you’re specifically shopping for a traditional office, we have a dedicated Workplace Team that can listen and help you plan, design, and build the spaces that support your unique culture, and best support the people who drive your company forward.

We know one of the biggest motivators while you work is inspiration, and everyone needs a space to let their best ideas blossom. We offer stand up desks in many different materials and finishes to complement your unique style and fuel your best thinking.  From mid-century modern hardwood, handcrafted and made to order, to sustainable, long-lasting laminates in neutral shades, or the exciting pop of color of our designer ply, we’ve designed a variety of desktop surfaces that will enhance any space.

There are also others factors you need to consider when picking the right standing desk. For exmple, the motor determines weight, capacity, stability and lifting speed. Keypad Layout - Determines preset options, LED display, reminders & alerts. Safety Features determines the safety level of the standing desk. It's also very essential to choose a perfect color and style that suits your enviroment and you. Cost is also an important issue. If you want to get more information about standing desk, you can follow my account and FEZiBO brand as well!

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