10 Reasons To Visit Dominican Republic

quoteominican Republic is one of the countries that are most appealing to tourists to stroll through its warm beaches and its cities with architecture that is a world heritage site because of its historical significance. Discover 10 reasons why if you have the economic possibilities, you should not miss to visit someday.[/quote]

Here are 10 reasons to visit the Dominican Republic and back for more.

1. Santo Domingo:

Santo Domingo is the capital of Dominican Republic. Besides being the capital, Santo Domingo is considered the first Spanish city in the New World. In Santo Domingo you recognize many buildings, sculptures and culture as a world heritage site by UNESCO. For example the whole area of the city's colonial heritage of humanity and has the largest influx of cultural tourism in the country. Here you can find some of the first buildings constructed by the Spanish in the "new world".

2. Bavaro Punta Cana:

Punta Cana is the great haven of luxury resorts IT Is the Dominican Republic with major tourist making it one of the most publicized of the country, and will not be hard to find travel deals from around the world. Punta Cana is considered one of the best beaches around the world.

3. Samaná:

Samana is one of those places that you should not to get lost in an eventual trip to the Dominican Republic. Not seen as a beautiful place like this still is not exploited as a tourist option, as elsewhere in this beautiful country, the example is Punta Cana, if it is a well-publicized fate. Although this is changing and is increasingly chosen by many more tourists as their vacation spot in this country. One of its greatest attractions is that close there's a place where you can see whales parking.

4. Juan Dolio:

Juan Dolio is a city very close to Santo Domingo and it gives the tourists visiting the capital the chance to meet you. This city is the perfect choice if you like culture, shopping, dining out, art and nightlife of Santo Domingo, but do not want to stay in the bustle of a capital like the Dominican Republic, and that the hotel is cheaper. As if this were not enough, in the town of Juan Dolio, you can also find great beaches, where you can swim with the fabulous Caribbean Sea. Another feature that makes it special is the fact that you can find villas where you can rent a house for holidays like you're at home, avoiding the constraints of hotels.

5. Boca Chica:

Boca Chica is known as a fishing village, is considered like the beach and sea access in Santo Domingo, this is because it is close enough to the capital and relatively near the Las Americas International Airport. There is an atmosphere where you see 100% Dominican people continually make your life with the usual routine of the big cities, despite having the beach, it seems that you are in the city.

6. La Romana:

If you like nature, La Romana is the perfect place to vacation Country House, Bayahibe, Altos de Chavon, the islands of Saona and Catalina are places of interest, where we highlight Altos de Chavon, a huge site interest to tourism, since it is a villa which was built to recreate a small historic sixteenth-century Mediterranean village. The city is quiet and is located in a mere hour and a half from the capital Santo Domingo and 40 minutes from the city of Juan Dolio.

7. Puerto Plata:

Puerto Plata is located on the Amber Coast, and is the second largest destination resort of the Dominican Republic this because the beach area which is called Playa Dorada an exclusive area for tourism, so have no problems finding enough offers travel packages in this area directed toward the Dominican Republic.

8. Barahona:

Barahona considered the most spectacular tourist and with the greatest biodiversity in the Dominican Republic. It's best tourism infrastructure that allows beaches and pristine environment are here care and respect for the place is tops. This area is ideal for tourists who travel in search of being free and for lovers of nature in its purest form.

9. Azua:

Azua Dominican is considered the Athens, for its cultural and architectural significance nationally as well as artistic expressions that have helped them to earn the nickname "Athens Dominican." Azua is world renowned for the lyrics of his men, then a popular saying in those lands that "If you lift a stone in Azua is very likely to find a poet."

10. Pedernales:

En Pedernales,podremos disfrutar de una fantástica playa en República Dominicana con arena clara y bañada con agua del Mar Caribe, colinda con Haiti le da una mayor importancia y por lo mismo una mayor presencia de turistas, aunque es otra de las playas que apenas se están dando a conocer a nivel de turismo.

I love my country, Dominican Republic!