Hi everybody, Im gasoter- and this post would be about Florida, a very beutiful place.

In Florida, there are lots of places to go on summer. Based on wikipedia, there are over 60 millions tourists every year, mostly because of the beaches and the amusement parks (like disney world, universal studios, sea world, etc...) [Article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florida]

One of the best places to go with your kids is "magic kingdom", on orlando. (best if you go the 4th of July)

This is an acutal image of the castle on the 4th of july (independence day)

Another great thing about Florida, are the everglades (click word to se what it is), but you shouldn't go alone, because theres lots of alligators.

The bad thing is that they are burning, and that produces a lot of smoke.

An image:

One of the most impresive things on Florida, is the NASA Kennedy space center, where they launch rockets out to space.

One of the famous launches was the Challenger, that explode, killing all the people on the rocket.

A video of the accident:

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4JOjcDFtBE

The picture of the crew

A picture of the accident

Talking about other things, in Florida, there is a lot of football, and basketball.

One of the "best-known" basketball teams is the "Miami Heat"

And one of the most famous football teams on Florida are the gators and the dolphins

Well, Good bye and have a nice day