9:14PM EST November 16. 2012 - Georges St-Pierre will earn a hefty paycheck when he defends his title against Carlos Condit at UFC 154 in Montreal's Bell Centre on Saturday night, but the 31-year-old Canadian doesn't fight for the money anymore. He doesn't have to.

That's because within the past couple years of his lengthy title reign, the UFC welterweight champion has become a business unto himself. And even with a knee injury that has kept him out of the cage for more than 18 months, business is booming for the man known as GSP.

For instance, just in the last 12 months St-Pierre has signed lucrative endorsement deals with companies such as Coca-Cola, Google and Bacardi. He's got a deal with HarperCollins to write a book that he describes as part autobiography and part philosophy ("kind of like 'The Art of War,'" St-Pierre said). He's also renewed his apparel deal with Under Armour and signed one with noted MMA equipment manufacturer Hayabusa, all despite not setting foot in the UFC octagon since April of 2011 thanks to a torn ACL in his right knee.