Dear Socialphriends,

You might already know that these past few months we have been working on a new and improved system that acts as a way to evaluate the best content and behavior of Socialphy users.

Karma was created as away to evaluate the positive and negative actions on Socialphy. The new ranking system gives even more credit to those users who maintain a high level of activity on Socialphy as well as those who add character and quality to the site!

What is Karma?

According to various religions Karma is a transendant (invisible and
unmeasurable) energy that drives people's behavior. Karma is the
premise of a lot of systems that function efficiently which is why it
seemed to be an appropriate system for the Socialphy community. The
system on Socialphy is such that "good" behavior increases the level
of Karma and "bad" behavior decreases the level. Socialphy is one of
the most lovable online communities out there, so the ranks and levels
of Karma will surely continue to increase.

The karma system on Socialphy works through an internal point system. Each good or bad action increases or decreases karma depending on its level of importance. For example, if you make a good comment it won't increase karma to the same level that it would if you made a good post. A user's overall Karma and their rank is based on all of their activity over time and is shown publicly as their average level of

What activity increases Karma?

* Good, high quality activity and good vibes:
- Receiving points on your content
- Receiving recommendations
- Other users adding your content to favorites
- People liking your shouts
- Receiving comments and responses for your contributions.
- Moderating your content.

* Being a good, active user:
- Giving points to good content. Give credit where it's due
- Getting new followers
- Following good users
- Giving negative points to any comments with bad vibes that don't
complete protocol. Reporting spammers*
- Correctly reporting users

What activity lowers Karma?

* Activity that contributes negatively to the community:
- Creating content that gets deleted
- Making comments that get deleted

* A bad attitude:

- Insulting
- Giving points to posts that have been deleted
- Giving points to any comments with bad vibes that don't complete protocol.
- Getting blocked by another user
- Getting suspended
- Making improper reports or complaints
- Erasing posts

What is the default rank for a user who recently signed up for Socialphy?

New users have the rank: Apprentice (Karma 2).

When does a post appear on the main homepage and when does it
appear in the "Rookies" section?

Posts made by users with the rank equal or greater than "regular"
(Karma 5) are listed in the main home page and posts created by users
with a rank equal or greater than "Amateur" are listed in the rookies

What rank does a user need to be able to comment on my post?

When you are making a post it allows you to select what rank a user
must have to comment on your post. The default level is "Amateur".

Is my rank always going to stay the same or will it change?

The ranks are dynamic and it all depends on the kind and quality of
activity the user makes on Socialphy. Good behavior effects how much
the Karma level increases and therefore will eventually increase or
decrease the rank.

What advantages are there to having a higher rank?

A higher rank on the site shows your experience and activity. It shows
that you have good quality, interesting, and fun content and are
worthy to follow on Socialphy and is a way to give credit where it's
due for what you take the time to share.

How does the point system work?

The users with the rank equal or greater than Apprentice (Karma 2) can
give points in posts and the higher the rank the greater quantity of
points will be available each day. No user will be able to give more
than 10 points to a post.

The following are the points you will be given each day according to your rank:

Buffoon 0

Jester 0

Average Joe 10

Starter 20

Apprentice 30

Amateur 40

Advanced 50

Expert 60

Pro 75

Master 80

Scholar 85

Guru 90

Mastermind 95

Grand Master 100

Points renew at 12:00am (Time Zone UTC-3)

What happened to Great Users?

Great Users no longer have a special rank. Instead, they obtain their
merits by the use of specific medals which are given as a way to
recognize special skills and accomplishments on Socialphy.


This system will evolve consistently. In the future there will be
continued changes to the overall average level of karma. Stay on the
lookout for official shouts from @Socialphy