Welcome to the open beta version of Socialphy

We want to thank you for joining. We are excited to be launching the open beta version of the site. For those who aren't familiar with the term, open beta means that the site is still in the beta stages of development, but we are opening to the public so that people can begin enjoying Socialphy. Keeping that in mind, please be patient with us as we work out any bugs or problems with the site. We appreciate it and we don't anticipate having too many! However, if you do encounter a bug or problem, please report it to our Help Desk.

Begin your Socialphy experience by learning more about the site through our Tutorial, where you can find all the details about what the site is about and how it works. Once you're ready to begin you can shout something to your friends on My Socialphy, make a Post, or create a new Community. If you're still not sure what we are talking about, it might be time to check out that tutorial
Don't forget to read through our protocol, which will tell you about the guidelines that have been set up for the site!

And check out our video, which explains what the site is all about

Thanks again for joining Socialphy! We hope you enjoy the experience

Happy Posting!

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