Hello Socialphy users!

First of all, THANK YOU! for joining and helping us make Socialphy great. We really appreciate it and we are happy to see people posting, making Topics, and shouting!

The team here at Socialphy wanted to remind the users about a few important things and clarify each section of the site.

* Posts are for writing long, more involved articles... so we want posts with more than just one video... something with text descriptions, or images, or even more videos.. the more information, the better!!! For brief, one video type of content we now have My Socialphy where we can share quick notes, images, videos, and links!

* Communities are where you can interact more with other users, debate, ask questions, etc.

* And My Socialphy is where you can share a quick and interesting shout in the form of a message, link, photo, or video!

Please visit our Tutorial page for more information!

Thanks for your time, guys! And happy posting

*Please don't leave points on this post... instead, give them to a user who has made a great post!*