Hi Socialphriends!

By now you have probably noticed there are big changes happening on Socialphy. The chemist has been cooking up a bunch of improvements to the site's dynamics.

Come take a peek at the new and improved
Collective Intelligence you already know and love.

New Major Features

- Faster Speed
Socialphy now allows you to navigate more content at a higher speed

- More Ranks
New ranks means more points to give and recognition to receive.

- Karma
Karma measures your activity and gives you even more credit where it is due.

Jazzier "My Socialphy"
Now there are improved ways to shout a quick video, image, link, or some text with your followers.

- My Favorites
Add the shouts you really love to your favorites.

- Search and you will find

Search throughout “My Socialphy” and find awesome shouts from the past.

- Loudest Shouts

Find out what shouts have been featured on Socialphy.

- Pins
Pins are a way to organize the shouts you love in “My Socialphy”.

- Extended “My Socialphy” to Profiles
Take “My Socialphy” to a new level and shout a video, image, link, or some text on any of your friend’s profiles.

- New Notifications

Find out who responds to your shouts via notifications on your profile.

Sharing is Caring
Now there are new ways to share and interact with the world via Socialphy.

- Share via email
Take recommendations to the next level and share posts with your friends via email.

- Recommend with Text
Now you can recommend a post and add a thought, feeling, or opinion about the posts you love.

- New Facebook Integration

Find Friends via Facebook and register with Facebook in just one click!

Go ahead and take her out for a spin!

Thank you for helping make Socialphy great!

-The Socialphy Team