We love animals but it often happens that to see them up close somebody captures and cages them. Many animals also like us us, if we are not dangerous for them, as these whales who come to greet people.

The gray whales at Laguna San Ignacio is often close to small tourist boats, looking for human interaction. Although they could easily avoid people whose small boats are not allowed to approach the whales, really seem to enjoy the contact.

Laguna San Ignacio is on the Pacific coast of Mexico's Baja peninsula and is the fate of hundreds of gray whales that migrate annually to the region from their feeding grounds in the Arctic. Here, where the water is shallow and warm, they give birth to their young.

Located within the Biosphere Reserve El Vizcaino, this is the last refuge for breeding and mating quiet gray whale, largely thanks to an environmental victory in 2000 that stopped the development of a plant industrial salt. Whale watching here is highly regulated, with limits on how many ships can be in the water, how long they can stay, and the distance you can approach.

Instead of approaching whales, boats should turn off their engine and wait for the whales approach the boat, which commonly occurs.

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Tu3KC4r_hcI