Scrabble is one of my favorite board games (along with Monopoly and Jenga) and it's just been given a life size makeover. Die hard Scrabble fans will be delighted to know that you can now own a king size version of the much loved game thanks to Hammacher Schlemmer and by king size, I mean one that covers your entire wall. How cool. Check it out:

This new, playable version is mounted on a wall and is an exact replica of the original version, just five times the width. It was designed by renowned media artist John Kahn and is made entirely of expensive Russian Birch plywood. It also comes with some major hardware, a .023-gauge galvanized steel sheet, while the surface of the board has itself been given a heavy vinyl print that is further reinforced with satin laminate. Thus, as well as being the world's largest Scrabble, however, it's also the world's most expensive, available for a tidy sum of $12,000!!! That's some serious cash. Furthermore, to ensure easy installation of the game board, this most expensive Scrabble is being offered with the necessary tools to mount it on the wall.

It's not really ideal for vertically challenged people or kids. They won't be able to reach the top line of the board. The makers should incorporate a little mini step ladder with it.

I think I'll just stick to my portable table version for now.