Wild Cars: 14 Abandoned Vehicles that have Officially Gone Green

They were once gleaming automobiles fresh off the production line. Now it’s hard to imagine these vintage vehicles were ever roadworthy, let alone the pride of their excited owners. Abandoned cars rarely compliment the landscape and certainly don’t benefit the environment, but thanks to nature’s relentless campaign to consume them in foliage, these examples have literally gone green.

Above, photographer Luke Hayfield (Flickr) demonstrates what happens when you leave your car under the trees for several years or even decades. Aged by their vintage shapes and license plates, there may even be some collectibles among these UK-registered rust buckets.

Some abandoned cars are so overgrown that you could almost wander past them without ever noticing their presence. While many are beyond repair and others are simply uninteresting, it’s surprising how many automotive treasures linger in the undergrowth of suburban gardens and sometimes common land.

Not all abandoned vehicles are quite as well hidden, yet the foliage growing around them – or in some cases through them – and their levels of corrosion attest to the many years spent sitting idle outdoors. In some cases, the earthy tones brought on by rust and peeling paint have helped them blend more effectively into their environments.

Vintage tractors are surprisingly sought after, but if your example happens to be in less-than-respectable condition, why not simply wrap it in fairy lights and use it to train your more wild greenery?

Last but certainly not least, overgrown automotive artifact meets bizarre urban art installation in this intricately decorated Volkswagen Beetle, located near Washington Avenue in Houston, Texas (click here to explore another creative Houston art/architectural installation). For more forgotten vehicles and automotive abandonments, be sure to click the thumbnails below.