I don't think there are many people out there that actually like the names their parents gave them but it doesn't mean you're stuck with it for life. Ever thought about changing it? Well according to an article in the UK's Mirror recently, a RECORD number of people are changing their names by deed poll. And we're not just talking about changing your name from Tom to Daniel but some people are adopting celebrity habits and changing their name to something a little more obscure and out there, even plain ridiculous. I guess if you're going to go to the trouble of changing your name, you may as well change it to something memorable.

For example, a 53-year-old artist formerly known as Tracie Koziura has now changed her name to Rebel Wolf because she "loves wolves" and has always been a bit of a rebel. Apparently becoming known as one feels perfectly natural to her. And her son Jamie who's 27 thinks it's cool too. I'm not sure how I'd feel about my mother changing her name to Rebel Wolf. She still calls herself Tracie for business purposes though. Go figure. I'm not sure who would take her seriously with a name like Rebel Wolf.

The article sites another example of King Arthur Uther Pendragon pictured below.

The man previously known as John Rothwell is the only person in the UK apart from the Queen that is allowed to wear a crown in his passport. Why? Because he changed his name to King Arthur Uther Pendragon. Sounds a bit ridiculous. But it gets worse. According to him, he wears his crown for religious reasons because he truly believes that he is a modern reincarnation of King Arthur?! And the authorities eventually accepted this.... (makes you question the authorities...)

He changed his name in 1986 and says even his family no longer call him by his birth name. This is what he says: “King is my title, not my legal name, because I’m a druid king,” he says.“I’m living in Salisbury at the moment because I’m campaigning for the return of ancient remains to Stonehenge. Druids are the legal guardians of this landmark.”

He sounds like a complete loon. His outfit of choice is a set of flowing robes and he's grown a long white beard, He has already successfully campaigned for the rights of druid prisoners to wear their robes in jail and led a successful druid campaign to have Stonehenge opened to the public for the summer solstice. Good on him for pursuing his passions I suppose.

You think that's bad, how about calling yourself StopFortnumAndMasonFoieGrasCruelty.com

This girl has renamed herself StopFortnumAndMasonFoieGras Cruelty.com because as a campaigner for animal rights charity Peta, she wants to raise awareness of the force feeding of geese to produce foie gras. That's dedication to a cause. And she refuses to change her name back to Abi until London department store Fortnum & Mason stops selling it.

People call her Dotcom or StopFortnum for short. She's even had her name changed on her passport and driving license.

Other amusing examples include two sci-fi geeks who changed their names from Daniel Knox-Hewson and Kelvin Borbidge to Emperor Spiderman Gandalf Wolverine Skywalker Optimus Prime Goku Sonic Xavier Ryu Cloud Superman HeMan Batman Thrash and Baron Venom Balrog Sabretooth Vader Megatron Vegeta Robotnik Magneto Bison Sephiroth Lex Luthor Skeletor Joker Grind respectively. They've been a little greedy on the name front methinks.

It makes the name Harper Seven for Victoria Beckham's daughter sound relatively normal....