1. Kevin Mitnick

The list is headed by the American hacker Kevin Mitnick, also known as "The Condor". The Department of Justice United States called it "the most wanted computer criminal history" of that country.

Mitnick gained fame from the 80's, when he managed to penetrate ultra-protected systems, such as Nokia and Motorola, stealing corporate secrets and even hack other hackers.

Seized him and his imprisonment in 1995 achieved great popularity among the media about the slowness of the process and strict conditions to which it was submitted (to be isolated from other prisoners and were prohibited from making phone calls during a dangerous time for his alleged ).

After his release in 2002 is dedicated to consulting and advising on security, through his company Mitnick Security.

2. Kevin Poulsen

Poulson achieved fame in 1990 for hacking into phone lines KIIS-FM radio in Los Angeles, to make sure the call number 102 and win a Porsche 944 S2.

He was arrested after attacking an FBI database in 1991. Today is a journalist and editor of Wired magazine and in 2006 helped identify 744 child molesters via MySpace.

3. Adrian Lamo

Originally from Boston, is known in the computer world as "The Tramp hacker" to make all its attacks from Internet cafes and libraries.

His most famous work was the inclusion of his name in the roster of New York Times and penetrate the Microsoft network.

He also gained fame for trying to identify security flaws in computer networks of Fortune 500 and then communicate these faults found.

Currently working as a journalist.

4. Stephen Wozniak

Wozniak began his career as a hacker of telephone systems for free calls, said to be even called the Pope in the 70's.

He later formed Apple Computer with his friend Steve Jobs and now supports low-income school communities with modern technology.

5. Loyd Blankenship

Also known as "The Mentor", was a member of the Legion of Doom hacker group, which was facing Masters of Deception.
He is the author of the manifesto hacker "The conscience of a hacker" he wrote in prison after being arrested in 1986 and the code for the game of role "Cyberpunk", therefore, much of his fame also points to his vocation writer.
His ideas inspired the movie "Hackers" in which he starred Angelina Jolie.
He is currently a game programmer.

6. Michael Calce

Michael Shim, who began his "career malicious" hacking commercial websites in the world.

Valentine's Day 2000, just 15 years old, launched an attack that hit eBay, Amazon and Yahoo!, after which he was sentenced to limited use of Internet.

How did you find? He himself boasted of his achievement in some chats.

Currently working on a computer security company.

7. Robert Tappan Morris

In November 1988, Robert Tappan Morris, also nicknamed RTM, created a computer virus that infected nearly six thousand large Unix machines, making them so slow that were unusable, causing millions in losses.

The virus performs two tasks: sent to other machines and duplicated on the infected machine. If the worm had worked in other UNIX systems on machines as well as Sun Microsystems Sun 3 and VAX, the results would have been only "apocalyptic", experts say.

This was the first hacker to be processed by the computer fraud law in the U.S. and a hard drive that contains the virus code is displayed at the Museum of Science Boston.

Currently an associate professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

8. Masters of Deception

He was an elite group of hackers in New York who was engaged in phone systems violate the United States.

Do your "merit"? In the 80 attacking feasted telephone systems in the country, the biggest blow was to enter the system of AT & T. Were processed in 1992 and completed several prisoners.

9. David L. Smith

Author of the famous Melissa virus that spread via e-mail successfully in 1999. He was sentenced to prison for causing damages of more than 80 million dollars.

10. Sven Jaschan

Sasser virus writer, who was arrested in May 2004 following a complaint from his neighbors who sought the reward prompted by Microsoft, as the virus directly affect the stability of Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server and XP.
At that time Sven Jaschan was only 17 years.