Hello everybody, Im currently developing a software to make direct downloads using icloud services like SkyDrive y GDrive

At this time it is able to make downloads and uploads, still in a inestable phase, so I need some people interested in try it out and start sharing

You will not have any anoying captchas or invasive publicity, that currently fullfit all direct downloads pages. You dont have to worry to look for downloads links, because software make it but it self, you just have to choose which file do you want to upload or download and software makes everthing for you.

I would like to find few people who wants to help me to make tests and attack prioritary problems.

For the moment that are just some few files to download, only those that I have uploaded for tests, so at the begginig what I need the more, is people who have content to share with others, and, who knows, maybe we can make a great sharing software..

Some advantages:

-Is not a peer-to-peer. It do not need other people to be connected to be able to download

-None capchas or agresive publicity

-It restart automatically all you uploadas/downloads just by keeping software open

-It will be a reputation for users/files, to avoid sharing undesirable content by cheating others, something that happened very often in emule.

-Download links never dies

-Some interesting ideas that im working on-

Some screenshots:

Please send me private message.

Thank everyone