Astro adds pan & tilt movement to your camera, and it allows you to set up time lapse programs by defining the duration, the range of movement; which goes from 0 to 360°, and the interval in degrees or seconds in which you want the photos to be taken. The possibilities are endless!We put a lot of thought into the design to make it very understandable and easy to use.
Astro actually fits in your pocket! It's so small you can take it anywhere, and it's still powerful enough to work with professional equipment.
We focused on the essentials to make a very simple design without compromising performance.
Set it up on panorama mode, select the range and interval to take multiple shots to be assembled into a smooth panoramic picture.
(not realtime )
Smartphone App
We are currently developing a smartphone app for Astro to run more advanced programs. Features like ramping, continuous movement, presets and HDR will be possible through this App. You will be able to send the complete program to Astro so you don't have to keep your smartphone next to your camera.  Developing for iPhone and Android.
Astro is compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Pentax, Minolta and basically any camera with a remote input. A cable will be included to plug Astro into your camera and allow communication.
Technical details
 Measurements:  3.15 x 1.18''
Weight: 0.55 lb / 250 g
Load: The motor can hold up to 11.02 lb / 5 Kg of equipment
Maximum Speed: 6° per second
Power source: 2 AA batteries
We're almost ready to manufacture! If you back our project, you will be pre-ordering Astro and you will help us get started with production.

What the funds are for
We need to reach our funding goal in order to start making molds and to place a bulk order for the device components. Placing a bulk order will allow us to acquire components at a reduced price. We have already selected a manufacturing facility and once we reach our goal, we will be able to finance all the materials and set up costs to finally start getting Astro produced. We expect our first Astro to roll off the line by the end of the year.
The Plan
Astro will be manufactured in 3 different countries: PCB, electronics and mechanical components will be produced in China by two different manufacturers. Aluminum and plastic parts will be manufactured in Mexico where Carlos will monitor their production to ensure quality. Finally all the parts will be sent to Minnesota to be tested, assembled, packaged and shipped!  We are ready to start production as soon as we reach our goal.
We hope you'll join us on this exciting project. Thank you for your support!