Guatemala suffered a devastating earthquake the last November 7th, at 10:37am with a magnitude 7.3 in the Richter scale. The epicenter of the quake was located in the pacific coast

Although the quake was sensitive in El Salvador, Mexico and in the whole country, the western departments suffer the sequels due to their proximity to the quake epicenter

After the quake, the victims were registered as follows: 52 fatal victims, 22 missing, 175 wounded and 20,362 people in provisional shelters.

The damages...

Rescue corps were mobilized inmediately to help the victims of the quake, the army was the first to mobilized their rescue corps the Unidad Humanitaria y Rescate, the red cross assisted with their rescue corps and the mexican goverment send their elite rescue corps 'The Topos'

Guatemalan Army Rescue Corps- Unidad Humanitaria y Rescate

Red Cross

Despite all the destruction, the misery and the grief... hope never forget our country! Also amazing and sad stories can be found in this tragedy...

Engelver de Jesús Ramírez Castillo 26 years old, survived the earthquake, he witnessed how their family lost their lives... on his words 'Everything was shaking I came out from the house looking for my niece then I turned around and saw how the wall fell apart above my niece and my mother... debris hit my face... then I realize that the bones of my right leg were exposed. I didn't feel any pain at all, I just wanted to take out my mother and niece, but I couldn't stand up... I crawled to the edge of the house and I saw that people was digging on the debris..'

He lost his mother, his sister and two nieces

The army recue corps -Unidad Humanitaria y Rescate- continue their search for the dead bodies buried during the quake, yesterday they found the last dead body of the buried victims... with the help of this dogs...

After six days of searching and using trained dogs to located buried victims, they had no success to retrieve the las dead body... one office of the army rescue corps had a curious idea... to bring the dogs of the victim... Mesho y Tigre the fatal victims dogs started to walk on the area and then they lie down on certain spots... the rescue corps started to dig on the areas were the dogs lie down and the body of Dani Domínguez Bautista was found there...

In the aftermath of the earthquake 114 damaged houses are planned to be demolished and rebuilt it, the goverment starts a programs of auxiliary funds to boost the reconstruction of the damaged roads, electrical lines, potable water and houses for the victims... nations quickly send the help to the victims in goods, funds and materials.

This tragedy unite our country as a whole, and united will rise!

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