For various reasons, snakes are one of my favorite animals, but this is one of the most feared beings by human beings throughout history. Like any other creature, listed as a symbol of evil and terrible in the folklore of many cultures, have a really fascinating nature and despite all its disadvantages, do very well know in their various ways.

Personally, I find it very interesting especially the last point. Just think of the fact that this is an animal that has no legs or claws (as in the case of fearsome and big cats such as lions or tigers), that do not have wings (as in the case of birds raptors), having teeth that prevent them chew their food and must crawl to move from one place to another.

Now, if you compare with many other animals (as mentioned above), we may appear to be disadvantaged snakes, right? That is the sensational, despite all this, snakes, either by his great abilities as a predator, by its terrible toxins, strength or size, are one of the fiercest creatures on the planet and more dangerous.

Today I will show you some that need not be poisonous, or have any of these characteristics that a huge length to be the most feared. I mean the world's largest snakes.

The five longest snakes in the world

5. Australian amethyst python

With lengths of between 3.5 and 6 meters (very rare) and with a maximum weight of 90 kilograms, the Morelia amethistina (better known as the Australian amethyst python), is the third longest snake in the world than currently on record. They live forever in the heights of the trees and like all snakes they see today is not a poisonous species but constrictor.

They have certain records that say they have found snakes of this species up to 8.5 meters, however, are not entirely reliable. There is verified registration over 6 meters of a python of this class.

4. Green Anaconda

The Green Anaconda whose scientific name is Eunectes murinus, is a deep dark green camouflage helps in aquifers in areas such as living and river basins of South America, especially in countries like Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador , Peru and Venezuela, among others.
The green anaconda is the second longest snake in the world today, however, ranks first in terms of weight, as there are records of this species that reach 9 meters and some even surpass that, although very little reliable.

In fact, typically measure up to about 6.5 meters, having a weight of from 95 to 120 kilograms. There are all sorts of myths about this species, so its maximum size and weight has always been controversial.

3. Reticulated python

Today there is no known living snake larger than the Python reticulatus or reticulated python. There are records in those states that reach lengths of 10 meters, however, is very difficult to find one of this size.

Generally, these snakes are between about 5 and 6 feet long and weigh about 60 kilograms. Reliable records of up to 6.9 meters in length.

2. Giant Snake Garstin

The Gigantophis garstini, popularly known as the giant snake Garstin, is the second longest snake that was recorded on the planet. Now extinct, lived some regions of northern Africa some 40 million years ago, where now we place the Sahara Desert in Egypt and Algeria. It measured between about 11 and 11.6 meters long.

1. Titanoboa

The Titanoboa cerrejonesis, luckily for everyone in the warmer regions of South America, and especially for many Colombians, this extinct for several years and it is estimated that inhabited the rainforests of these areas some 60 million years. The Titanoboa, the largest snake in the world, measuring at least 13 meters and weighed about 1135 kilograms.

(Eunectes murinus)

"It would be something like a city bus ... and would be heavier than a car." Noted Canadian researcher Jason Head, snake fossil expert on the study of fossils found in the Cerrejon Guajira department, Colombia.

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