In case you don't know it yet, Draw Something is a mobile app developed by Omgpop. It was one of the apps which won the Flurry App Spotlight Awards in 2012. It's THE addictive social drawing game.

Two players alternate turns between drawing a picture to convey the guessword for his partner to guess. The person drawing is provided three random words, arbitrarily ranked by difficulty (a star is easier to draw than a lion), earning one to three coins if his partner guesses correctly.

After the drawer has finished drawing, the guesser will view a stroke by stroke replay of the drawing, without the pauses in between. The guesser is given a number of blank spaces representing the number of letters in the word, and a selection of scrambled letters, which include all the letters of the word plus some more letters which are not in the word. The guesser gets unlimited tries and time to use these letters and attempt enter the guess word. The drawer gets an opportunity to watch his partner guess the drawing as it is replayed.

Coins build up to eventually allow the player to purchase more shades of color for drawing or "bombs". The free version comes with a limited set of colors and bombs; coins can be purchased.

So, let's just say that Draw Something gives you the opportunity to develop your creativity. If you don't believe me, check this out!

And if you're not a great artist and your drawings are not that good (like me haha)...

Well, don't feel bad. You can still have a great time!