Ladies (and gents) you have to agree with me on this one, there is something completely irresistible about Brazilian male model Evandro Soldati. It's the combination of his chiseled jaw, piercing blue puppy dog eyes not to mention his bulging pecs. He just has that look, a very beautiful one, and he has the deep, moody pout down to a tee. Don't you think?

The Brazilian look seem to be in hot demand at the moment. Most of the major modeling agencies in Milan, New York and Paris recruit Brazilian models over those from the US or Europe. It makes a change from the indie, waif-like metrosexual men in Europe and the US. He's more of a real man And most of the world's biggest fashion designers have been snapping him up to appear in their campaigns including Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton. According to Wikepedia, he was listed by Forbes as the 7th most successful male model in the world in 2008. Apparently he also appeared in one of Lady Gaga's videos but I'm not sure which one... Being a successful, lusted-after model must be such a hard life.

Although he's from Uba in Brazil, he's actually got Italian roots. And he's only 26! He also loves capoeira which makes him even more appealing to me. I love a guy doing capoeira. Unfortunately I can't find out much more juicy info about him. The only thing I could find online was this interview. His accent is also really sexy. I think he might just take the crown as the most handsome man on earth.


If you want to oggle at even more pics of him... and videos, here is a link to his blog site:

Evandro, if you're reading this, I'm all yours.