First of all, remember that the March 11, 2004 an attack by Al Qaeda killed 192 people and wounded more than 2,000 in Madrid (Spain). The worst attack in the history of Europe.

Jihadism in Mali and the possible repercussions for Spain

Ayman al Zawaihri current leader of Al Qaeda.

Military activities developed unilaterally by France in support of the Malian authorities, because of the threat posed by the arrival of the 'jihadist alliance' (composed by Al Qaeda in the Maghreb, Ansar Al Dine, and the Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa) at the gates of the capital (Bamako), opened the gala military response against the Mujahideen. We could say that the reaction has been inevitable to the extent that the jihadist alliance has been developing monitoring the reactions of African countries in the region and, most especially, the apparent lack of sensitivity and a lack of interest of some European countries, as to the claims galas curb jihadist threat in the Sahel.

The message from French President François Hollande warning about the threat to France, Spain, and the European Union itself (EU), representing the newly created jihadist alliance and the very existence of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Azawad style, which comes subjecting the entire population to the strict application of Sharia (Islamic law), trying to inculcate the practice of more radical Salafi religious doctrine, must be taken into account by the other EU countries, as we face a possible violent scenario and a real threat to our security and that of our fellow citizens and business and commercial interests in the Maghreb.

What was the first reaction of the leader of Al Qaeda in the Maghreb

To get a better perspective of the real-avoiding-vision services and meet the immediate retaliation by the terrorist organization Al Qaeda in the Maghreb (AQIM), which may affect the safety of Spain and the EU itself, we should know the reaction and instructions issued by its leader, the Algerian Abd Al Wadoud. And as expected, demonstrating that yes, some weakness, the organization responsible for filming on Tuesday 15 January, in record time, hence its great importance, and disseminated through the channel Al Andalus, a warning message, structured by five points or demands, aimed at Muslim societies, the French president, a French society and the families of the hostages held by the terrorist organization.

In short, Abd Al Wadoud showed that: 'Hollande and the Western Crusaders have started a war and a diabolical plan to control the Sahel under the umbrella of the UN, with the aim of occupying Muslim lands and attack the Prophet Muhammad, under the pretext of eliminating imminent Islamic threat and application of Islamic law. A situation that will allow them to maintain control of uranium and manipulating oil prices, in addition to the theft of gold and diamonds in Mali. AQIM remains clear objectives: to defend our religion and community '. Also launched a warning to Western leaders not to continue to Hollande. Calling on all Muslims in the world fighting this invasion crusade to protect our Islamic project.

Finally, Abd Al Wadoud again threatened French society as follows: 'War Hollande has exposed your safety, your interests, and your children's lives to an unprecedented danger. You have given an added legitimacy to our cause benefiting volunteer recruitment mujahideen to attack you '. And finally, went to the families of the hostages' if your president insists his speech and are not able to publicly rectificarle, your children will be sacrificed for personal and political decisions of your president, if you want to enjoy peace and security in France must cease military activity, but if you want to respond war. The Sahara Desert is a graveyard for your soldiers and a catastrophe for your interests. Allah has rewarded us with large stocks of arms and ammunition, and enthusiastic people. The war will be long and we will be able to resist any aggression '.

AQIM jihadist alliance and are a threat to Spain

The analysis of the message, as to the security of Spain, shows that the words of both Abd Al Wadoud, as recently issued by the spokespersons of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan), and Al Shabaab in Somalia, which provide support for the defense of the Islamic Emirate of Azawad, should be taken into account, leaving aside any possible rhetoric. To date, the leader of AQIM never had hastened both when developing and disseminating their messages, indicating that aims to get a quick and comprehensive response (increase jihadist recruitment and preparation of possible attacks in the EU), plus a huge pretend victimhood against Muslim groups more aware in defense of Islam. However, his full conviction as to defeat the forces of intervention, coupled with the threat of using large stocks of weapons (Libyan arsenals), should increase our alert and not be underestimated.

We can not remain indifferent and immovable to the latest news. To adjust the real threat to the security of Spain could represent the output of a large number of supporters and followers, or of young Muslims in the region (Algeria, Saharans, Mauritanians, Moroccans, Tunisians, Malians, including Libyans) to attend the AQIM appeal and wage jihad, we must emphasize that the really worrisome for security is not our country out of this type of people (probably was his return), but of those who, having been detected by our security services as more radical or a profile certainly near or in tune with the more radical Salafi ideology, and Al Qaeda, remain in our country.

In conclusion, therefore giving appropriate attention to the message of the leader of Al Qaeda AQIM-as-Central, led by Ayman Al Zawahiri, about the enormous value that represents hitting the West on its own territory and not in conflict zones, our intelligence and information services should increase effort and raise its alert level reviewing strategies that could allow, now, cell detection and monitoring and control groups could have sympathy for those externalize fundamentalist organizations.