Spain currently has two aircraft carriers, the "Prince de Asturias" and "Juan Carlos I". Spain and Italy are the countries with more aircraft carriers in Europe both with 2, and Spain and Italy are the 2nd country with more aircraft carriers in the world, surpassed only by the U.S. with 11 aircraft carriers.

*Aircraf carrier "Principe de Asturias".

*Aircraf carrier "Juan Carlos I".

L33 Marquesa

This is a design for a Navy project to build an aircraft carrier. It would have a length of 230 m and a width of 40 m. Would weigh about 35,000 tons. It could carry more than 40 aircraft and two dozen helicopters.

R21 Carlos III

This is another design for another Spanish Navy carriers much greater L33 Marquesa, the measures are confirmed or finished as in the L33 Marquesa, but would have a weight of between 40,000 to 45,000 tonnes, bears a resemblance to the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle.

This project has started the Spanish Armada, but not yet confirmed, it can not be carried out and if it will take long-term.