The Ultimated Guide.

Part I



The beginning

2003 - 2005

The story of this band goes back to 2001, more exactly in the Christmas season that year. High Green a northern district of Sheffield, England. Two young neighbors and friends , Alexander David Turner and James Robert Cook decided to ask as a Christmas gift to his parents guitars. After they got the guitars in their hands Alex and Jamie begin to try to play the guitar for its own account between the two. Already in 2002, locked in Jamie's room, they learn the first chords under the songbook of Be Here Now by Oasis. And under the background music of The Vines, The White Stripes and The Queen Of The Stone Age.

After learning the basics on guitar, Jamie faster, they start talking about having a band. Seeing that his other friends had a band and seemed so good and easy to do, both get excited about the idea.

Here comes into play, a group of young High Green lads. Matthew Jerome Helders among them, Alex and Jamie's neighbor and classmate of Turner High School in Stockbridge (Jamie attended Ecclesfield). A few months before Alex gave him a DJ Matt trays, knowing that, along with hip hop, was one of the biggest hobbies Helders. after talking about forming a band with others,he decided to sell the trays and get money to buy his first drum kit. They had already got a drummer.

After two companions joined college. Glyn Jones also of High Green and Andrew Nicholson of Hillsbrought.
The first would take the position of vocalist and the second one bassit. Andy did not have great skills on the bass, but as I had one before, went to the post, nor knew Matt playing drums, but like all the other seats were occupied, ended up drumming.

After a few trials, Glyn decided to leave the band. He Just saw the band as a fun and to pass the time, was not interested in anything long term. After the remoteness of Glyn,the band need a new singer. First they thought of a great friend of the band James Portman. But then, Alex, who from the beginning was the writer of lyrics and constantly looking for other singers to sing them, he decided that he could be the singer. After an interpretation of a song by the White Strpes, was elected as the new singer of the band. This first stage of singer Alex was recalled by his imitations of the singer of The Vines and fake American accent. Alex later confessed that was a way to do better on stage.

The band had four members, and be called Arctic Monkeys. Name Jamie liked it and since he was in school, he thought that if one day he would be in a band would call it so. The rest of the band was not so sure of the name, they thought it was fool name and for a time they thought of calling the band Bang Bang, finally decided to leave the original name.

It would spend a year of trials and creations of songs, to encouraged the band and decides to play live for first time. That was on Friday June 13, 2003, in a local pub called The Grapes. There, the band played on the venue above to 60 people a setlist that included a couple of original songs and most of them covers, including the White Stripes Black Math, I'm Only Sleeping Beatles and songs by The Vines , Strokes and Jimi Hendrix.

Arctic Monkeys tocando en The Grapes.

In spite of nerves and fears of their first gig, the result was satisfactory. So they decided to embark on sign up for future concerts, these were made in different parts of Sheffield and then UK. The tour started as game and that ended up being something massive from 2003 to 2005.

Playing in places like the Hull University, where they played for about 6 people, to The Forum in Sheffield for a concert sold out. In this series of concerts the band decided to burn a few CDs with demos and live songs and get started to give them at concerts for free, these CDs were uploaded by fans on forums and word of mouth passed around the internet, especially on MySpace. These demos reached its climax when the photographer and cameraman Mark Bull upload the cd to his webpage, under the name of Beneath The Boadwalk (where work as a barman Alex and Andy). After this play, the songs of the band were known throughout England and sung in all the concerts of the band.

Beneath The Boardwalk

Returning back in time, In 2003, Turner met the band member Judan Suki, John McLure, talked a while and got along very well, at a time when John asked Alex if he wanted to be part of his band, Alex accept.

Both Alex and Matt playing guitar and bongos on thethe band. One day, with the band playing 2fly studies in Sheffield, Alex met the local producer Alan Smyth. Speaking, Alex asked if he could bring his band to record some demos at the studio. Smyth after seeing the band live enthusiastically accepted. After a few rehearsals in the local in Neepsend, The Yellow Arch, gets into the band to record these demos in 2fly. The sessions are divided into several stages, which vary from August 2003 until the end, in November 2004. These sessions were paid by the band manager Geoff Barradale. Geoff met Alex on the stairs of the club The Fuz and decided after talking to him, to see them live. For their third concert he become their new manager.

2Fly Studios

In these sessions were recorded the demos that later distributed free of charge in gigs. By 2005, the band decided to get something official . They decided to create their own Record company to launch this exclusive Preview Ep. The name was curiously Bang Bang Records. And the Ep was called Five Minutes With Arctic Monkeys, and was released in May 2005 with a limited amount. This CD contains the songs Fake Tales Of San Francisco and From The Ritz To The Rubble. The Ep was accompanied by a video recorded by the band's friend Mark Bull and contains a compilation of concerts and footages of the band.

Later and after rejecting several record companies, the band signed in June with Domino Records, an independent company headed by Laurence Bell.
During this time, the band was remembered for an incredible show at Reading & Leeds Festival on a stage-tent to new bands.

Months later, while continuing success and received much attention from the press and programmed, the band tours in Japan and U.S., and they decided it was time to record their first LP. The producer was Jim Abiss and place to record it the Chapel Studio in Lincolnshire, a studio away from society and very quiet. In two weeks they finish recording. By October they released their first single, the song chosen was I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor.

In the days when the charts were announced, all the press was busy, talking about how the Arctic Monkeys could get to number 1 with their first single, many thought the first would be for the Sugababes. But when these group were announced at # 2, finally it was a fact that Arctic Monkeys had reached the top of the charts in UK. The band heard the news while hanging in the pub The Packhorse Inn (where the guitarist Jamie Cook, until today, plays on the right side of the pub club in the football league Sheffield), After listening to his song festivities went crazy and came quickly.

After that, the celebrations could not last long as they had to embark on a tour of the United States, where they played great concerts in several places and played in one of the most important TV shows in the world. Later With Jools Holland. After that, the process of remasteracion of the album was almost complete and it was estimated it would release in January next year. Near the date of the release of their second single When The Sun Goes Down.

Arctic Monkeys en Later With..

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