This is amusing. I'm sure you've never even thought about it or noticed it before but someone out there has spent time studying movie posters and has come to the conclusion that many of them are the same and fall under a handful of design categories. And they've put together the proof. It's pretty funny.

I guess when you consider how many movies are produced every year, artists must be hard pushed to come up with something original for the poster that hasn't been done before but when you see these, you'll be surprised at the extent of the duplication.

These are some of the best:

The Back to Back (yeah Pretty Woman probably springs to mind when you hear this - or at least it did with me... but there are so many more out there)

Widespread legs with people or something else between: (this is quite a random design concept so it's bizarre that's it been reused so many times. Note that all the legs featured belong to women. Should we be taking offence to that or is it just that we females have better legs?)

Tiny people on a beach with giant heads in the clouds (what's the deal with all the clouds?)

Big scary eyes (this is the standard horror movie front cover but I never realized there were so many of them)