The star of Home Alone, Hollywood actor Macaulay Culkin almost died from a drug overdose, Los Angeles publications said.

Paramedics managed to bring the actor back to life. However, doctors believe that the actor should consult a psychologist after the incident.

The relatives of the 32-year-old actor assured that Culkin was aware of his actions when he was taking drugs. According to one of the friends of the star , Macaulay was in despair. His life has come to a dead end: he receives no invitations from film directors, his girlfriend of eight years, Mila Kunis, has left him.

Culkin has previously appeared in a number of news stories about his addiction to drugs. It was reported that the actor began using two dangerous substances about two years ago.

He was plagued by drug dependency rumours at the beginning of the year.
And Macaulay Culkin proved that he was doing just fine as he hit the shops to get the last of his Christmas gifts on Saturday, despite starting the day by eating alone at Taco Bell.

While many people will be watching the festive Home Alone films over the holidays, in which Macaulay stars as a young boy accidentally left at home by himself, the star seemed quite happy to be spending his day alone, pounding the streets of SoHo.


“There’s a general air of protectiveness that surrounds Culkin,” says one Hollywood-watcher. “There’s a fragility there that compels the protective bubble his friends and family have established around him. It’s not about coddling the precious princess, it’s about protecting the guy who, despite talent and plenty of connections, has pretty much walked away from his career in order to save his sanity.”