A landscape with green hills carpeted in India


A mountain village, but between cloudy mountains (or covered by mist). A setting of "tea gardens", or green planted every hill upholstered seem like a carpet. And everything, including waterfalls and wildlife sanctuaries.

The formula for a nice place to rest. Munnar is called, and is located in the Western Ghats mountains, in the Indian state of Kerala:

It is one of the areas of crop production of showier India tea, immersed in a humid climate and silent mountains. The panoramic views of the valleys (in the confluence of three rivers), clouds, and green combine a special atmosphere: not lacking wild flowers bloom every few years and cover the whole valley violet, to complete an idyllic panorama that includes waterfalls, lakes, streams, jungle valleys and between wildlife, elephants, monkeys, and one or a rare species of goat (Nilagiri tahr).

No wonder Munnar and its environment has been chosen as the resort region of the British colonial authorities in the south of India, nor is it certain British influences are visible. With a mild climate, some 2,000 meters above sea level, Munnar region is a peaceful oasis of cool and Kerala, and today, another good surprises to tour in southern India.

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