Extravagant Shapes and Colors of Italian Dolomites

The Italian Dolomites lies in the Trentino, South Tyrol and Belluno region. This region borders with Switzerland and Austria. The Italian Dolomites can be divided into Western and Eastern Dolomites. The name Dolomites came from the word dolomite – rock, described by mineralogist Déodat Gratet de Dolomieu. The greatest peaks in Dolomites are Marmolada (Queen of the Dolomites) with 3,343 metres, Antelao with 3,264 metres and Tofana di Mezzo with 3,241 metres. The greatest part of Dolomites is covered by the national park – Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi. The Dolomites is a popular destination for hiking, cycling, skying and even glacier treks. Tourists seeking for more relaxation than adrenaliene can take part on the wildflower walks.