Famous person (“Famous Faces”) Animal Disguise

Last summer, the German teNeues Publishing Group has released an unusual album, “Famous person” (“Famous Faces”), which joined the cult of the stars and delicate irony. The book four-legged pets are presented in the form of recognizable images of modern pop culture figures, movie and show business. The result was quite funny.

01. Captain Jack Sparrow

02. Audrey Hepburn

03. Che Guevara

04. Michael Jackson

05. Albert Einstein

06. Austin Powers

07. Karl Lagerfeld


09. Elvis Presley

10. Grace Kelly (GREYS KELLY)

11. Bob Marley

12. Iodine (YODA)

13. Katy Perry

14. Abba

15. Lady Gaga

16. Amy Winehouse

17. Dolly Parton

18. Jimi Hendrix

19. Charlie Chaplin

20. John Wayne

21. Sid Vicious

22. David Bowie

23. Mr. T

24. Gene Simmons

25. DAME Edna Everage

26. Disco

27. Tommy Cooper

28. Mao Tse-tung

39. Mr. Spock

30. Borat