3 seater stunning Durbar in Nepal.

In the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, surviving numerous places called Durban Plazas or squares ancient Newar, stationed beside what were royal palaces and architectural complexes of great value.

The places are real memories of the ancient kingdoms of Nepal belonging to the ancient culture until today newa that dwells in the Kathmandu valley.

Above all, their temples stand in wood and brick with overlapping roofs like pagodas, a type of construction that was established in Nepal and exported to neighboring regions.

The most notable of these places are famous and recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO, although not as widespread globally or known:

1. Patan Durbar Square

In the vicinity of the square is the old Patan Royal Palace where the Kings lived Malla of Lalitpur, a ruling dynasty in Nepal until the eighteenth century.

The Palace is also the oldest and most famous of Nepal, famous for its Royal Bath.

The square is a complete complex with courtyards, temples, religious shrines and historical places decorated with sculptures and magnificent details of Newari architecture.

2. Durbar Square in Kathmandu

It is opposite the former royal palace of the Kingdom of Karmandú, also surrounded by spectacular architecture including palaces of the kings who ruled the city, courtyards, and temples.

Kathmandu Durbar Square is a reminder of a glorious past.

3. Durbar Square in Bhaktapur

The square was the heart of the old kingdom of Bhaktapur, and today remains the heart of the historical city of Bhaktapur, actually a set of several four-seater only 13 kilometers from Kathmandu.

Bhaktapur Square is completely surrounded by spectacular architecture, a reflection of the skills of artists and artisans who cemented Newari architecture.

Although it was severely damaged by an earthquake in 1934,
today impresses with survivors constructions:

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