20 Most Beautiful Roads Around The World…

Just imagine, you are in a luxury car, accompanied by a loved one, and all around you – the most beautiful views. Cool it would be to drop everything and take only the most important and go on a real road trip, when the wind is in your hair, and lie miles ahead. This post is dedicated to all the romantic road or simply for those who love beautiful road.

1. Milford, New Zealand

2. Stelvio Pass, Italian Alps

3. Cabot, Scotland

4. Glenwood Springs, CO

5. Bridge of Millau, France

6. Karakoram Highway, Pakistan

7. Chapman, South Africa

8. Pass in Peru

9. Solar road, Montana

10. St. Gotthard Pass, the Alps, the road from Italy to Switzerland

11. Baja, Mexico

12. Highway I-84 in the Columbia River

13. Route 163, Monument Valley

14. N Highway 1, Iceland

15. Ruta 23, Argentina

16. Avenue of Baobabs, Madagascar

17. Karakoram Highway, Pakistan

18. Route 378, Maui

19. Transalpina, Romania

20. Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia