World of Warcraft Theme Park in China.

A theme park World of Warcraft without a license is conceivable only in a part of the world: China. Just in Changzhou, a prefecture-level city in Jiangsu province.

This huge complex is built on more than 600,000 square meters at a cost of 48 million dollars.

The park opened last summer under the name of World Joyland, the reason was precisely the lack of license, but we believe it was most particularly to avoid being too 'obvious' to the issue of illegal copying.

Chinese products are recognized worldwide for being mere imitations and copies, so why not do it with a theme park.

Although the site does not bear the name of WoW, the images show that the atmosphere, the decor and the characters are very similar, if not identical, to the characters in the Blizzard MMO.

The park is divided into two sections: the section on WoW is named Terrain of Magic and Starcraft section calls himself Universe of Starship, despite the obvious.

All these photos were taken by Francesca Timbers, the same as explained that the entrance to the enclosure cost about $ 30.

Among the attractions we can find rides 4D special effects, roller coasters, water rides and.

Two things are certain in this mess: with so many MMO addicts in China, this theme park is sure to be successful and otherwise we soon hear the case in court against Blizzard World Joyland.

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