Mountains, Lakes and Sunrays by Chip Phillips

American amateur photographer Chip Phillips took up photography in 2006, when his father gave him an old Pentax. Despite the fact that the chip is working musician in a symphony orchestra, but also teaches clarinet at the university, he finds time for a photo. Most of all he loves to take pictures, which had come more than a professional, as evidenced by publications in journals and won the competition. Here is a selection of his photographs of mountains and lakes.

01. Sunset National Park Grand Teton.

02. Winter sunset in the national park Jasper.

03. Sunset at Mono Lake in California.

04. Sunrise in the National Park Mount Rainier.

05. Lake Cracker, National Park Glacier, Montana.

06. Sunrise in Mount Stewart, Washington.

07. Sunset at Mount Spokane.

08. Morning on the Lake Moraine, National Park Banff, Alberta.

09. Sunrise over Lake Abraham, Alberta.

10. Sunset National Park Grand Teton.

11. Lake National Park Grand Teton.

12. Sunset National Park Grand Teton.