I would dream to have a staircase like one of these from the collection! If you love innovative design and home decor you will love my post about staircases. Which ones are your favorite?

Your house doesn’t have to be traditional and boring. Today you will witness twenty outstanding modern stairs and staircase designs. Commercially, very few of the following designs would pass building code. However if you have yet to build your home, checking out these staircases will definitely spark up the urge to get creative. We are stunned by the diversity and imagination of developers these stairs and hope you will enjoy them!

Secret Staircase Storage

Suspended Staircase by SoHo Architecture

Sculptural Staircase by Tetrarc Architects

Staircase Slide by Alex Michaelis

Floating Staircase by Ecole

Floating Staircase by Guido Ciompi

Dual Staircase Bike Storage

Compact Bookshelf Staircase

Metal Staircase by Francesco Librizzi

Impossible Staircase by TAF

Staircase by Dep Studio

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Staircase

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Staircase

Horten Headquarters Staircase by 3XN

Book Lined Staircase by Levitate Architects

Staircase by Patrick Veillet Studio

Loft Staircase by Schlosser + Partner

Plywood Staircase by Jonas Ingerstedt

Staircase by Philip Watts Design

Staircase by Piero Lissoni

Invaders Stairs