Games of the year – the top 10 titles from the last 12 months

2012 has been a blockbuster gaming year – we have been thoroughly spoiled.

In compiling our Top Ten titles, our games team put forward more than 30 nominations which have been whittled down to this definitive – if not totally agreed – list.

All hail, our games of the year...

1. Sleeping Dogs

Big Winner: Sleeping Dogs

IT could’ve been any of the top three, but Sleeping Dogs snuck it for us.

Written off as “GTA-lite” prior to release, it proved anything but. Setting a high standard in the open-world stakes for GTA 5.

2. Farcry 3

GRAPHICALLY luxurious, crisp gameplay and another open-world that you’ll be dying to get out and explore.

Something a bit different from the FPS overkill

3. Dishonored

IN a sequel-heavy year, seeing a brand new title that brings something fresh to the table is a godsend.

This mash-up of Bioshock, Deus Ex and Half-Life really encourages creativity on the part of the player.

4. The unfinished Swan

THE word “different” is usually an adjective with negative connotations – but this is truly a stand-out title.

Firstly, for making the player explore a blank canvas of a landscape by spraying paint to track their way and, secondly, for actually finding a use for the PlayStation Move.

5. Most Wanted 2

THIS is easily the best racing game for a long time.

It gets social integration spot-on, without overkill, and retains the sense of fun essential to a good racer.

A surprisingly immersive game world.

I Prefer Horizon

6. Borderlands 2

THIS sequel may not have shaken up the formula too much but any game that leaves you wanting more after 70 hours has to be special.

With seamless transition from single-player to co-op, its outlandish tone and the eternal promise of better loot – what’s not to love?

7. The Walking Dead

QUITE simply, this episodic point-and-click title is a masterclass in video game storytelling.

It’s harrowing and brutal and, by the time the end credits roll, you’ll find yourself taking a long hard look at yourself as person – a claim very few titles can make

8. Hitman Absolution

SUBTLER and savvier than Call Of Duty et al, Hitman is slow-paced but big on action.

As graphic as they come – you’ve seen the controversy – the title’s gamer freedom comes in choosing the way your foe dies. Lovely.

9. FIFA 13

FEW deliver as polished a title as the FIFA series.

12 reinvented defending, 13 refines your attacking.

As tactically consuming and tight as real-world football, FIFA 13 demands your full attention – and a place on this list.

10. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Fuck Yeah

TRUE, it’s not very different from last year or the year before that, but what Call Of Duty does, it does sublimely.

For its army of fans, it once again delivers more than enough to satisfy their demands – and that alone makes it hard to ignore.

*** Turkey of the Year ***

YEEES, Medal of Honor: Warfighter

IT’S no exaggeration to say that last year, EA nearly toppled Call of Duty with Battlefield 3.

So much was expected of stable-mate War-fighter. But while it was OK, it was little more than that.

This was a big disappointment, given all the hype.

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