The land of Santa Claus.

When the snow and long all white covering with a layer of tens of centimeters, when the summer long time ago is a memory that can not believe that ever happened, then Christmas comes to Lapland.

And according to legend, in frozen lands, come the time when Santa Claus has a lot of work to be undertaken. Among forests, elves and reindeer, it's time to hand out gifts to children who behaved well, worldwide.

Let's take a virtual trip to the village and the land of Santa Claus:

The track thousands of visitors each year still takes them to a place called Rovaniemi, a land very (very) distant in Finland where each year thousands of tourists come to live the dream holiday in the land of Santa Claus.

Actually the place is 150 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. And if it turns out that the Finns believe that Santa Claus (Joulupukki) lives in a mountain near Savukoski, a small town also in Lapland, Rovaniemi is it that the people where Santa is seen more often.

And in fact, in Rovaniemi where you can visit the toy shop, or take a sleigh ride, send a letter to Santa from your own post office, buy candy, and of course, meet the real Santa Claus ....

I leave you to enjoy a stroll through the gateway to the "Land of Santa Claus", Rovaniemi:

Merry Christmas to all

Thank you very much for your visit