19 Legendary Black & White Photos Colorized Using Photoshop

I think by now we all know the impact that Photoshop has had in pretty much everyone’s life. It’s one of those pieces of software that reinvented the way we see things, literally. Even if you live in a small city, you are most likely able to find something within 10 feet of your house that is photoshopped. Everything from advertisements to simple signs were most likely processed by this megalicious image processing tool. We have many times wondered if all this photoshopping has gone a little bit too far with some examples being ridiculously tampered with to the point where the original is no longer present.

In some cases; however, the Photoshop software is a marvel of a tool. Take all the black and white photographs for example. These are some of the world’s most treasured images as they were taken at a time when color was only to be enjoyed in the real world. With the advancement of Photoshop, new doors have opened for us to see these photographs in full color. Yes, the software used is of course Photoshop.

I recently found a gallery of 19 legendary black and white photographs that had been turned, or restored rather, into full color photographs using Photoshop. The mind behind these magical transformations is Photoshop maven Sanna Dullaway. Not only is it impressive work by Sanna, but it’s also mind boggling that you can actually restore the color in these photographs that were taking decades ago. One of the questions popping up in my head is whether or not we will now switch out the black and white photographs in our history books for colored ones, now that they are available. What do you think?