A water tower (see Water Castle), is precisely a small castle or fortress that is completely surrounded by ditches or water bodies both natural and artificial. While mysticism Castles stories, the nasal part of the landscape are inevitable, the truth is that the variety of ways a defensive castle were numerous: guarded by a moat, but also by cliffs, rocky headlands, and even tides .

Some time ago, we knew castles and fortresses with a star. Instead, they use water castles of pits or natural or artificial ponds, where the water makes defensive obstacle. The truth is that the water that was once part of the protection, eventually became an obstacle to the conservation of the castles, by wetting the ground. And so, today there are many castles that survived water surrounded by their pond. We review some of the most colorful, within Europe.

1. Le Chateau d’Azay le Rideau, Francia

Alex Brown

2. Castillo Leeds, Inglaterra

Marc Evans

Adrian Scottow

3. Castillo Trakai, Lituania.

Mindaugas Danys

Lee Fenner


4. Castillo Pfalzgrafenstein, Alemania

Rob & Lisa Meehan

Imagen Tomislav Medak

5. Castillo Egeskov, Dinamarca

Jim Trodel

Allie Caulfield

6. Castillo Mespelbrunn, Alemania


7. El Castillo Rojo (Cervená Lhota), República Checa

Jorge Gonzalez

8. Castillo Hoensbroek, Holanda


9. Castillo Caerphilly, Gales

Tony Hisgett

10. Castillo Stalker, Escocia

Torcello Trio
Y no podía faltar:

11. Castillo Eileann Donan

Torcello Trio


12. Castillo Bodiam, Inglaterra