A city frozen in time in China (Fenghuang).

It turns out that in China, while the urban changes are rapid, and in most cases very little respect from his past, in areas such as Fenghuang ancient city, it seems that nothing changes too.

Fenghuang is one of the most beautiful ancient cities in China's Hunan Province. The historic center of this city is located around the river, making major route to travel an attractive urban landscape frozen in time:

Fenghuang is home to several ethnic minority groups such as the Miao and Tujia, between wooden houses and roofs that seem to hang over the river, and in the vicinity of a mountain landscape by other picturesque.

They retain more than 20 ancient streets, passages and residences with intact, preserving the style and appearance of the site from the Ming and Qing disnastías until today.

And all in a historic city plotted and planned in every detail, and that still live as an authentic site where urban planning is in harmony with the landscape.

As seen in photos, the old town is exceptionally well preserved, not only at the architectural level.

Its inhabitants also retain their customs, art and lifestyles of the past as a stage recognized as a
World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2008.

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