"Leonardo DaVinci, made a design of musical instruments that never built, but now they are constructed by experts based on the codex Atlanticus, actually on the Ambrossian library in Milán, Italy, we can apreciate his ideas about the music, the acustic and design"

"Page of codex Atlanticus, XV century BC..."

"Scissor drum, to modulate the tono"

"Only a squeeze and your tone is ready"

"Flute drum"

"The objective is made different sounds covering the little holes as a flute player"

"Here we can see a demonstration"

"Drum with leather strips, when you pull them made different sounds according the strength"

"Example of how it works"

"Percussion automatized instrument"

"Just turn and listen, you can change the patterns to do differnt songs"

"Organ made of paper with continuous gusset"

"The grandfather of accordion"

"Compact design for the XV century, the organist viola"

"This piano in not complete, the design of the keyboard never was found, but also you can chamge the tone with pedals"

"Diagram of the codex Atlánticus, glissando flutes"

"The objective. slide your fingers and change the tone"

"Portatil organist viola, you can walk as you play"

"Gaita with continuous gusset"

"Automatic drumroll"

"An example of this mechanism"

"The little sticks that impulse the drumsticks can change their place and give different pattern of drumroll"

"Kind of handle rattle "

"Rattle with adjustable tones, you open and close little doors of wood and sound different tones"

"Drum with three different diameter air exits, when you play near one of them produces a distinct sound"

"Paper drum with adjustable tone"

"Silver box Viola, Da vinci knew about the perfect reflective sound of the silver"

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