1. A castle on the edge of an abyss (Slovenia)
A medieval castle on a rocky crag (nothing less) than 130 meters above the lake. The Bled Castle is the oldest in Slovenia, and perhaps one of the most photogenic castles of Europe, a merit enhanced by the beauty of the landscape:


Sebastian Bergmann


Frank Wouters
And we agree that the view from the castle is not bad:

Alistair Young
2. And a castle in a cave in Slovenia
Literally, built inside a cave. Sheltered as few of any siege because the mountain seems pinched while gigantic wall makes. The Predjama castle in Slovenia, 9 kilometers from the town of Postojna. ( Learn more )


Tristan Clarke


Simonetta di Zanutto


3. A castle in the water in Germany
Not huge, not impressive by its environment, but is original for being "in the water". The Mespelbrunn Castle is among the most visited water castles of Germany for her appearance as "tale" in the midst of a forest and a pond which reflected good. It is located in the vicinity of Mespelbrunn.

Craig Wyzik



Craig Wyzik
4. A castle on a steep cliff in Germany
Called Lichtenstein castle , situated on a cliff near Honau, Germany. Although we see today is a castle built in 1840 on the same site, there was a castle built in the twelfth century and later fell into ruins for centuries to almost nothing. Today the castle is owned by the Dukes of Urach and is open to visitors.

Image Donald via Wikipedia

Image Christian Bobadilla

Ira Smirnova
5. A castle on an island in Scotland
Relatively easily accessible when the tide is low, the Castle Stalker is a site literally film, and in fact, has participated as a location in movies Monty Python or Highlander. With his ghostly appearance and with a mountain landscape, is one of the postcards of Scotland, also having some seven centuries of history. It is privately owned and rarely is usually open to the public.

Daniel Duce

Torcello Trio

6. A castle away from Europe.
Castles are not only in Europe , but perhaps the most unexpected is the Castle of Gondar, Ethiopia. And in the country, there was a time when the emperors, tired of the nomadic life, decided to build a comfortable place to spend some time. For nearly four centuries, born Castle and walled city of Gondar certainly a surprise to those who visit as a postcard unexpected finding of Africa:



Sam Effron

Katie Hunt

mK B.
7. And a castle in a river in France
Built on a small island on the river, the Castle of Azay-le-Rideau was completed in 1527, and after changing hands several times, was acquired by the government francésy open to the public as an example of French Renaissance building. Located in the Indre-et-Loire department.

Alex Brown

Michal Osmenda

Dan Lundberg

8. A castle "hung" on the Danube in Germany
On a rock 40 meters high, since the nineteenth century the Danube river is guarded by a sumptuous fortification, near the city of Aggsbach. Called Schönbühel castle and has more than seven centuries of history. Even now in private hands:


Gabriele Margapoti

Gabriele Margapoti