Silent World.

By Lucie and Simon

Lucie and Simon (French and German) living and working in Paris.
Both artists are "self-study".

"Silent World" was awarded by the Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet Foundation prize,
and received a Grant from the CICRP center Marseille, European Year of Culture 2013.

The silence of the world, like a quotation, is suddenly endowed with an oppressive eloquence. Small intrusions are the true sparks here, because their disconcerting presence disrupts the majestic calm of the streets and squares. Are the latter guilty or victims? The fate that governs these shots in a tangible way is not the result of decisions taken by metaphysical powers, but stems uniquely from the imagination of the two creators of these photos, Lucie & Simon.

Although they consciously and intelligently stage the principle of the “déjà-vu”, they nevertheless brilliantly include observers in their game and transform them into co-creators of their images. They undermine the idea that the photographic image is a duplicate of the visible world or a “language without code” (Roland Barhtes), an image that is at least « natural » at the moment of its creation. They endow their photographs with an abundance of unsettling codes, of the most diverse persuasions and origins, particularly those arising from other images. However, these codes don’t focus the images. They serve instead to incite observers to fill them with language of their own experience and their own imagination.

1 - Cour carrée du Louvre, C-print, 200x256cm, 2010

2 - Angel of the waters fountain, C-print, 200x256cm, 2010

3 - Madison square, C-print, 200x256cm, 2009

4 - Place de l'Opera, C-print, 250x320cm, 2009

5 - La Madeleine, C-print, 125x160cm, 2010

6 - Queensboro bridge, C-print, 200x256cm, 2009

7 - Beijing railway station, C-print, 200x256cm, 2010

8 - Xizhimen park, C-print, 125x160cm, 2010

9 - Columbus circle, C-print, 250x320cm, 2009

10 - Radio city music hall, C-print, 200x256cm, 2009

11 - Fugximen, C-print, 200x256cm, 2010

12 - Paris church, C-print, 250x320cm, 2009

13 - Tian'anmen square, C-print, 200x256cm, 2010

14 - Manhattan, C-print, 125x160cm, 2009

15 - Chaoyangmen passage, C-print, 200x256cm, 2010

16 - Place Montparnasse, C-print, 200x256cm, 2008

17 - Xizhimen ring road, C-print, 250x320cm, 2010

18 - Rockefeller center, C-print, 200x256cm, 2009

19 - Xizhimen canal, C-print, 125x160cm, 2010

20 - Beijing ring roads, C-print, 200x256cm, 2010

21 - Times square, C-print, 250x320cm, 2010

22 - Jehovah's witnesses towers, C-print, 200x256cm, 2010

23 - Xizhimen residencies, C-print, 200x256cm, 2010

24 - China world trade center, C-print, 200x256cm, 2010

25 - Woman in manhattan, C-print, 125x160cm, 2009

26 - Sixth avenue, C-print, 200x256cm, 2009

27 - Place de la concorde, C-print, 200x256cm, 2008

28 - Wall street, C-print, 200x256cm, 2009

29 - Vue sur l'Océan, C-print, 200x256cm, 2011

30 - Baie de Saint Brieuc, C-print, 200x256cm, 2011

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