Nick Brandt. Photographer.

Nick Brandt is a photographer who photographs exclusively in Africa, one of his goals being to record a visually poetic last testament to the wild animals and places there before they are gone at the hands of man.

In 2000, Brandt embarked upon his ambitious photographic project: a trilogy of books to memorialize the vanishing natural grandeur of East Africa.

The first book in the trilogy, On This Earth (Chronicle Books, 2005) constitutes 66 photos taken 2000-2004, with introductions by the conservationist and primatologist Jane Goodall and the author Alice Sebold. The photographs in this book are a unadulterated vision of an African paradise, deliberately contrasting with what is to follow in the subsequent books. Elephant with Exploding Dust, Amboseli 2004, the photo on the book's cover, has since become one of Brandt's best-known images.

Critical response to the book, heralded Brandt's photographic achievement. Black and White magazine called his photos "heartbreakingly beautiful".

The second book in the trilogy, A Shadow Falls, (Abrams, 2009) features 58 photographs taken 2005-2008. It is generally regarded to be superior to "On This Earth". In additional introductions, philosopher Peter Singer, author of the groundbreaking Animal Liberation, explains why Brandt's photographs speak to an increasing human moral conscience about our treatment of animals. The photography critic Vicki Goldberg places Brandt's work in the history of the medium.

As the title of the book implies, this book, although replete with images of ethereal beauty and poetry, is a more melancholic interpretation of the world he photographs. Indeed, critic Vicki Goldberg writes: " A Shadow Falls, taken in its entirely, is a love story without a happily ever after."

The photos in the book are deliberately sequenced: the opening images are of an unspoiled lush green world, filled with animals and water.

As the book progresses, the photos become gradually more stark, until towards the end, the trees are dead, the water gone, the animals are vastly reduced in numbers, until the book closes with the final ambiguous image, of a lone, abandoned ostrich egg on a parched lake bed.

Starting in 2010, Brandt is taking the photos for the final part of the trilogy. In this book, Nick Brandt has said he plans to show darker vision amidst the beauty, a further diminishing of the natural world he loves and photographs.

One such example is Ranger with Tusks of Killed Elephant, Amboseli 2011.

This photograph features one of the rangers employed by Big Life Foundation, the Foundation Nick Brandt started in 2010. The ranger holds the tusks of an elephant killed by poachers in the years prior to the Foundation's inception.

Some of his works:

Elephant Drinking

Giraffes in Evening Light, Maasai Mara 2006

Elephant Exodus #2, Amboseli 2004

Abandoned Ostrich Egg

Buffalo With Lowered Head

Elephant Herds Crossing Lake Bed in Sun

Elephant with Tattered Ears

Elephants Moving Through Grass

Elephants on Bleached Lake Bed

Giraffes and Dust Devil

Giraffes Battling in Forest

Giraffes with Migration Trail

Gorilla On Rock

Lion CU Portrait

Lion Under Leaning Tree

Lion with Monolith

Lions Head to Head

Rhino on Lake

Rhinos in Lake

Lion Before Storm II- Sitting Profile

Zebras Turning Heads

Cheetah & Cubs

Wildebeest Arc

Lioness Against Rock

Baboons in Profile

Hippos on Mara River

Elephant With Exploding Dust

Elephant Exodus

Cheetah & Cubs Lying on Rock

Lion Windswept

Sitting Lionesses

Cheetah in Tree

Giraffe Fan

Elephant Mother & Two Babies

Elephant Herd

Buffalo Group Portrait

Portrait of Lion Standing in Wind

Giraffes Under Swirling Clouds

Chimp Portrait With Hand II

Zebras Crossing River

Lioness with Cub Feeding

Lioness Looking Out Over Plains

Kudu Against Sky

Giraffe Looking Over Plains

Lioness In Crater

Giraffe Triptych

Leopard in Crook of Tree

Elephant Mother & Baby Holding Leg

Chimpanzee Posing

Elephant Ghost World

Rhino in Dust

Two Rhinos

Buffalo Blind in One Eye Resting

Elephant Cathedral

Giraffe & Baby in Trees

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