I don't know anyone that doesn't like pizza... apart from people who are allergic to cheese but even then some of them still love it and eat it, just without the cheese (although to me, pizza isn't pizza without piles of stringy cheese).

I like my pizza rustic Italian style with a thin, floury cripsy crust and lots of fresh toppings, as well as some of that spicy chili oil. That said, a big greasy New York-style pizza definitely does the job when you're hungover. And I have been known to enjoy a Pizza Hut cheese-stuffed-crust pizza from time to time. mmmmmmmmmmm.

For all you pizza lovers out there, here are some interesting pizza facts about pizza consumption in the US where, according to the stats below, most of the population consumes vast quantities of pizza. (quite fitting that the stats are depicted in pie charts)

I am definitely in the 36% that like pizza for breakfast. You can't beat it! And it has to be nice and cold. No microwaving is necessary.