Hello Welcome to my first post here in Socialphy!

Well to create your SAMP server, you need to download this "Here"

at the bottom where it says:

SA-MP Windows Server Download
Note: This package also includes the scripting tools (PAWN compiler).

Please review the SA-MP Services Agreement if you wish to run a public SA-MP server.
SA-MP 0.3d R2 Windows Server

SA-MP Linux Server Download
SA-MP 0.3d R2 Linux Server (x86)

After this you will need to enter the notepad folder "server.cfg" and only edit
-Hostname [select the name of your server]
-Password [select your server password in the server using the command / rcon login [password]
-Number Players [the maximum number of players you can play your server]
-Gamemode [here begins the most important thing you must go to the folder "gamemodes" and choosing one to choose only going to copy the name of your gamemode and again you go to your notepad file of "server.cfg "there you can see the part where it says there gamemode and gamemode write the name of the folder you selected above]

It was everything.

Go to your PC, on the "search" and type "cmds".

type "ipconfig" and part of up will tell you your "IP", then copy and paste it into your SA-MP as follows:

List, and head to the end of your server folder and provides 2 click's on "SAMP_SERVER.exe and all your server will be activated.

maybe you will see a picture and give it to "UNLOCK"

I leave you a video if I do not understand.

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dV7_RCaZbkk

Now some pictures of a server that I play! is very good!
administrator'm there!

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYW2oRM1aq8

Well that's all I say goodbye and I hope and I understood ayan bye.