So you want to make a Podcast (Part 2)

Uploading to iTunes

So you've just recorded and edited your brand new Podcast but what to do next?
Uploading your Podcast for the world to hear is the next step, and iTunes is the best way to go about it.

So I just upload to iTunes right?
Wrong. iTunes cannot host your podcasts,it houses a searchable directory of Podcast, to which your Podcast feed can be submitted.
You'll need to upload your final Podcast file to a web server or 3rd party Podcast hosting site such as (Many of these are free, just search around for one you like)

Once your Podcast has been uploaded to a Host you will need to submit your Podcast feed URL to the iTunes store.

Do I need to upload anything else?
Yes. You'll need to create some artwork to be displayed with your Podcast. A good attractive piece of artwork will add a proffesional touch giving the listener a sense that you know what you are doing.

The requirements for the artwork:

Minimum size:
170 pixels x 170 pixels square at 72 dpi
Preferred size:
300 pixels x 300 pixels at 72 dpi
JPG, PNG, uncompressed

What now?
You will recieve a conformation email to which ever email adress is associated with your iTunes account.
Your Podcast will then be reviewed by iTunes staff to be approved.

Once approved, You will be sent a direct link to your Podcast, however the process of placing the Podcast into the iTunes directory can take up to 24 hours so be patient if at first you cannot find your Podcast by searching.

Can I sell my Podcasts on iTunes?
No. You can't. All Podcasts on iTunes are free to download however, Your Podcast is allowed to contain sponsorship & advertising which could be a way of making money from your Podcasts.

Once you've uploaded a few Podcasts you'll find it easier so you'll be able to spend more time on exciting new episodes!

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