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Do you want to convert a portion of a video into a GIF and not know how? There are three ways to do it.

Form 1: Recording like a GIF

Recommended?: Yes
Speed: Fast
You need:
1. Camtasia Studio or Java virtual machine
2. Easy GIF Animator 4 (Click here)

If you have Camtasia Studio open it; but you have the Java virtual machine, enters to http://screencast-o-matic.com/screen_recorder and run it. Select with the grabber, what you want to appear (I recommend stay three or four seconds before the part you want to record).

(Example with the Screencast-O-Matic)

Put up ongoing the recorder and unpause the video and record it what you want appears in the GIF. Save in GIF format, If you used the…

Camtasia Studio: In the menu of above, go to: Produce and share » Custom production settings, Next » GIF - animation file. The others configurations are not important, just press the “Next” button until you get to the part of “Produce Video”, select the GIF's name and the ubication.

Screencast-O-Matic: In the right, go to: “Publish to Video File”; in Video Type select Animated Image (GIF), in Size the size, and in Options Other things that appear and others that not. Click in the button “Save Video”, select a name, an ubication and save it.

Open the Easy GIF Animator 4 and therein you can edit (Or create, but now we are currently editing) the GIF that you just recorded. If appear a horizontal and/or vertical that did you not want to appear in the GIF, you can mend it in by going to “Tools » Crop Edges” and therein select it in the square/rectangle what you want in the GIF (The rest, remove it) and put in OK. It is recommended to remove what you want in several attempts, and not in one.

Erasing in the down zone.

Now the left black bar, and then the right bar.

Down where it says “Select preview frame”, is to select that frame you want view to cut the image.
For the GIF, start at one point and finish it at another, is very easy; in the left are the frames, you can delete the frames which are of more, and you will cut the initial and finish point of the GIF.
Down in the option “Animation Properties”, you can select how times are repeat the GIF; if you want the GIF are repeated an unlimited times, you must select “Repeat Forever”; but you want the GIF are repeated a limited times, select “Repeat” and the number of repetitions.
In “Animation Properties”, are the GIF's speed, frame to frame (The time of speed in a recorded GIF, is the recommended).

If you want add a text, you can press click in the A (Text Tool), write it and configure the font, the size, format (Bold, italic and underline) and the down options. Transparent, is to put the text WHIT NO background (If are unselected, There will be a solid box surrounding); Centered, is to put the text centered in the text box (If are unselected, will be aligned in the left); Antialiased, is to put the edges of the text more clear (If are unselected, will be ALL one font color); Centered on Image, is to put the text in the center of the image (If are unselected, will be in the left dege, or as are placed the spaces); and Add Shadow, is to put a shadow with a colour (If are unselected, or are no selected a colour, will be put with no shadows).
If you want put the text in the same position in all frames, you can: Write it, and centered in the desired position, using the spaces (Spacebar key to move it horizontally the text, and Enter key to move it vertically), for example:


The dashes, are the number of times was pressed Enter key to descend the text; and the medium points, the number of times was pressed the Spacebar key to move the text to the right. When the text are placed, click in Ok to put the text, move to the next frame, click again in the “Text Tool” and without changing anything, click again in Ok and the same text are put in the same ubication of the previous frame, because the text are saved, and is unnecessary write again the same text.
It also you can move the text with the computer's Mouse, but is more hard to put in the same position.

If you finish to make the GIF, up go to “File » Save” (To save with the same name and ubication) or “File » Save As…” (To select other name and/or ubication) or click in one of the diskette (One diskette = Save | Three diskettes = Save As…).

Note: If you download the video, open it and you adjust the window's size, it will change the video's size that is the GIF's size.

This also serves to…

Images (GIF) or Flash that just is possible to copy with a screenshot. Example:

YouTube's Logo in the YouTube Rewind 2012 (Rewind of that happened in YouTube during the 2012).

Form 2: Frame to frame

Recommended?: Just for short GIFs
Speed: Slow
You need:
1. A program to download videos (RealPlayer, Movier, YouTube Downloader…)
2. Paint (Recommended the Ribbon version)
3. Media Player Classic (Or another video visualizer whit a move thousandths to thousandths option)
4. Easy GIF Animator 4

First, you can download the video that you can to use (There is various programs), and when you have it, open it, adjust the size, and pause the video in the GIF's initial point (Although after, you can correct it the GIF's initial and finish point with the Easy GIF Animator 4)…

And take a screenshot (The keyboard key may be called: Impr Pant Pet Sis, PrtScn SysRq, Print Screen or similar), paste in the Paint, remove all that not belonging to the GIF's frame:

And save the image like a Portable Network Graphics archive (PNG). If you use the Paint of Windows 7 (PaintRibbon), down looks the image's width and height in pixels (In this case, 495x371 pixels) and knowing the image's dimensions, you know that all frame that you take and paste in the Paint, they should be of “that” size. For that be more easy for arrange the frames, is recommended save it with a number or a letter of the abecedary in
an arranged form (1, 2, 3… Or also: A, B, C…). If you want, write the frame's dimensions on the name, to edit the size with more facility.

(More big: http://k45.kn3.net/545BFEF22.jpg)

Being that each frame that you take and paste in the Paint, down the dimensions will change because the size of the image are not ajusted; and up in the name, it remains annotated how much has to say for the pixels of down.
For take the next screenshot (Next frame = Next movement of the image), click on the step button to move it the video a few thousandths.

Take another screenshot and repeat all steps Until that you have all frames for the GIF.
Open it the Easy GIF Animator 4, and paste all frames (If you save it with the name ordained, it will be easier). Down in the “Animation Properties” option select the time of the GIF's speed frame to frame (Sometimes, must be zero). In each frame that you have selected, you can select a different time; and if you want that all or various frames have the same time, you can select them doing click on one of these frames, keep pressed Shift key, and move with the arrows keys, it up, or it down for select various frames at the same time. If you want select all frames, select or the first frame, or the last frame, keep pressed the Shift key and press the End/Fin key (To select from top to bottom), or Home/Inicio key (To select from bottom to top).

When you think that the GIF are ready (Remember that is possible put text), press the “Preview” button of up (Control + P), and if you like, already you can save it.

Note 1: If when you are copying the frames with screenshots, to move a few thousandths and the image not move it, is optional copy it again.

Note 2: If the GIF that you are making, the dimensions (Width and height in pixels) are small and they look all frames complete in the editor, there are a form more fast of make the GIF and save time: When you are making the screenshots and paste in the Paint, DO NOT edit nothing, save it all like you take it, and then corrects it that in the GIF editor going to “Tools » Crop Edges”.

Note 3: If you not have a screenshot key, or are not working, you can using a program like “Snipping Tool”, that allows copy the screen with the Mouse's cursor.

This also serves to…

Visualizers (Photo galleries, PowerPoints, or videos with images) with images passing from one to another. Example:

Google's Doogle used in the 200th anniversary of Grimm's fairy tales.

Form 3: Movie to a GIF

Recommended?: Depends
Speed: Random
You need:
1. A program how convert a video to a GIF.

There are a programs that allow convert a video to a GIF. Sometimes are not made so well. Some of them are…

Movie to a GIF (Movie to Animated GIF Converter): You need a video with the format Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) or Audio Video Interleave (AVI). Go to “File » Open movie…”, and load the video. Move the bar of down, click in the left button/square bracket to select the GIF's start; and the right to select the end. Then go to “Export » Export to animated GIF…”, select a ubication and a name, and put in Save; select if you want or no resize the size of 50%, and if you want close the program then the conversion, click in OK, wait awhile, and that is it.

The good things:
- It lets you convert a GIF fast and in few seconds.
- The only request, is to have the “VideoIn.dll” in the same folder's program.
- You can take a screenshot of the video, in formats JPG, PNG and/or GIF.
- Is Freeware.

The bad things:
- The GIFs always are with the same size (352x288 or 176x144).
- Not is possible edit the GIF, without first download the frames separately, and remake it.
- If are black spaces in the video, will appear.

Movier: You can search a video to download it, when you have it, copy the link (Possibly, the copied link, is auto-copied in the link's zone where are the video's link that are to download). Where say format, select GIF, click in "Dowload", and when is ready, go to the folder where are downloaded, and there is the GIF.

The good things:
- You can edit and correct the GIF once downloaded.

The bad things:
- The GIF are make with poor quality, and with burned colours.
- The GIF are make very fast (But you can correct it).
- Is downloaded the entire video, and is not possible to select a initial and finish point (Also you can correct it).

Total Video Converter: You can load a video (Support almost all formats, or all); search and click in the “GIF” button, if you want configure it and when are ready, click in the converter button, wait awhile and that is it. There various versions, and is not possible explain the tutorial of another form, because usually changes the design and the language.

The good things:
- The program are full of options, and may be of help.
- You select if you want a watermark or no, and it may be the one you want.

The bad things:
- Sometimes in the GIFs there are errors at wanting to convert a video.