Note: this is a how-to SEO article intended for small business owners–those of you who sell a physical product or perform a service (versus being a web-only company) and spend most of your time growing your business rather than focusing on SEO or link building. However, you're already web-savvy and know the gist of SEO and take care of it yourself, but you're in search of some up-to-date SEO link building tips and tricks for 2012 and 2013 (stuff that won't get you banned or result in an "unnatural links" notice) but are effective and will increase your site's search engine rankings and help you get an edge on your competitors. You already know backlinks are vitally important for SEO success and now is the time to address them.
Disclaimer: Doing link building is not a substitute for a complete SEO audit or a web marketing strategy, but I've found that most small business websites can see tremendous growth simply by doing some quick (and clever) link building that I will share with you below.