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• Chocolate Truffles •

• Ingredients •

- 400 g good quality dark chocolate
- 20 cl whipping cream
- 40 g butter
- an assortment of powdered ingredients to roll the truffles in : such as cocoa, coconut flakes, confectioner's sugar, powdered almonds, praline bits, crushed Petit Beurre (crispy cookies) and maple sugar.

• Recipe •

(Makes about 50.)

Prepare the ganache a day ahead. Break the chocolate in small pieces in a medium bowl. Dice up the butter, set aside. Heat up the whipping cream in a small saucepan. When it's almost boiling, pour it over the chocolate, blending them together with a fork. When the mixture is smooth, add the butter, stirring until no lump remains. Cover with plastic wrap and put in the fridge.

The next day, the ganache will have hardened. Pour the powdered ingredients in small plates. Use a spoon to scoop out some ganache, and shape it into a ball the size of a small walnut with your fingers. Make a few in a row, then roll them in the powdered ingredient of your choice. After a while, the ganache may be a bit too warm and soft to work with, in which case the bowl can be returned to the fridge for 30 minutes until hard again.

Store the truffles in the fridge in an aerated container. Don't use an airtight one, otherwise the humidity inside will dampen the dry powdered ingredients. If the truffles have to wait a little before they're given out as a gift (although they shouldn't wait more than a few days), it may be better to shape the balls first, and wait till the last minute to roll them in the toppings.

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