I write this post because there will be thousands who will
have happened as I do. I am of people looking directly
into the web address bar, and it redirects you to search
Google directly, but my surprise was that in seeking
redirected me to another search engine that was not
what I had in mozilla firefox, which was searching google ..

I finished (not sure how) on a search engine called
search.conduit.com, and without the expected result
in my search. I decided to remove this annoying
search engine, which has been ignored as installed in
my browser settings and I changed the default search engine
google that I had this change .

Me upset and what I did to change it if I explain have
this problem and do not know how to remove search
conduit and put your favorite search engine again:

Type in the address bar: about: config and click enter.

Do not worry, you'll see a notice asking you out as soon
as you're telling the mozilla settings and is not suitable
for big hands, that humor ..! lol

Well, have no fear, you have to do this now:

You accept and you will see several lines and entered a
search box. Write and looking at her: search.conduit now
see the entries created by the search engine, well, all
you give them search.conduit put the right mouse button
and choose restore in each.
Restarts the mozilla firefox, and ready.
now will you back your default search engine, Google surely.

Font author: http://www.significadode.info/palabras-de-internet/eliminar-conduit/