Tired of being the product and not the customer of some websites? The truth is that the only reason some sites care about you is because you make them money.

I just installed Ghostery's Chrome plugin and no one will be following me around the net.

Ghostery looks for third-party page elements (or "trackers" on the web pages you visit. These can be things like social network widgets, advertisements, invisible pixels used for tracking and analytics, and so on. Ghostery notifies you that these things are present, and which companies operate them. You can learn more about these companies, and if you wish, choose to block the trackers they operate.

Ghostery can prevent the page elements it detects from running in your browser.

Blocking trackers will prevent them from running in your browser, which can help control how your behavioral data is tracked. Keep in mind that some trackers are potentially useful, such as social network feed widgets or browser-based games ... Blocking may have an unintended effect on the sites you visit.

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