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Green Eyes - Coldplay

Now Lets Start to be the Final Result, this is :

First You need to Take this Images ....

First Create a New Archive and make it of 600 x 500

Then Make a Big Gray Square for Background


Then Take This

Then Open it in Photoshop and Save it like .psd

Now go with the Gray Square and go to filters>texture

Then Open the recently saved .psd file

Now Put the Feeds Images like this:

Now The title of the Card, ( Your Nickname or your Name )

Then Open your Avatar or a image that distinguishes you

Then press ctrl+F on the image that distinguishes you

Then Write the describe things like

Found me on
Follow me @henri

Like that

Note: Change the Fonts

Then make a new square like a other background but in front of all, then fill opacity set it to zero

Then select the option ''Inner Glow''

opacity 34
noise 0

Origin'' Border''
retract 0
size 111

by @SM100998

A other demostration, I accept request but comment please

by @SM100998

SO thats All Thanks to view this tutorial

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